October 2013 Elite Auto Newsletter

Elite Auto Service is proud to announce that a Quarter Midget Race team has been added to our name! Quarter Midget Racing is a Not-for-Profit organization that provides racing action for children between the ages of 5 and 16.

Quarter Midget Racing came about in the late 1930’s in a small California town. A very ingenious father wired an old lawn mower engine to a wooden box with four small wheels for his son.  From that inconspicuous start grew the sport of Quarter Midget Racing.  South Jersey QMA established itself in 1995 for the children of South Jersey.  They race every week from May to October on the grounds of the Atco Raceway at the Sandstone Speedway.  It is a wonderful sport for the entire family to participate in or to just go and watch.

For more information or to check out the schedule you can visit their website atwww.sjqma.org.

 The 12 Most Important Questions About Self-Driving Cars
The self-driving car is coming—that much is certain. But the future isn’t as clear-cut as “your next car will drive itself.” We wade into the messy issues, including how this all works, how good robot drivers really are, and whether we humans will even be allowed to drive in the automated automotive future.
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Save on the new OE Fine Wire Spark Plug line 

Get high performance and long life with the Bosch OE Fine Wire Spark Plug line. Get $2.00 per Iridium spark plug (up to $32.00), or $1.00 per Double Platinum and Platinum spark plugs (up to $16.00) with mail-in rebate.

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