May 2014 Elite Auto Newsletter


May 2014

How Smart is Google Car?

Pretty soon, Google’s driverless cars may be able to drive better than you.

In the video above, which was posted online this week, one of them is shown driving along busy city streets and safely navigating its way around a construction zone, a railroad crossing, a parked truck and even cyclists. Read More

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7 Tips from a Valet Parker to Keep Your Car Safe


For most people, a car is their second-most valuable possession, just behind their house.  And yet, many Americans routinely hand their keys over to valet parking attendants –- total strangers in nylon vests.  “It’s more like valet parking roulette,” valet parking attendant Ed Ryder told ABC News’ “20/20.” “Who knows who you’re giving the keys to, really?”  Ryder dished the dirt on valets, and what really happens to your car when you hand it over.  Read More

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4 more seasons of ” Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”

We’re going to be talking about Jerry Seinfeld and his excellent web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, for quite a long time, as it’s been picked up for four more seasons. Considering the show just wrapped up its third season a few months ago, this marks quite a big win.  Read More

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AutoBlog’s eBay Find of the Day:  Ford GT40

Photo: Autoblog

You might expect a rare Ford GT40 to cross the block at some sort of prestigious auto auction from RM or Gooding, not show up on eBay for over $2 million. However, that’s exactly what we have here. The seller claims the car is a late-build Mk1 GT40 from 1969, and it’s currently owned by the director of the Hublot watch company in Switzerland.  Read More

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