July 2014 Elite Auto Newsletter


July 2014

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(Photo by Jeong Suh/Bryan Christie Design)Print yourself a 3D Porsche CaymanDownload, print, photograph, become a Porsche designer. Maybe.

If you’re the proud owner of a 3D printer, and if you possess even a mediocre modicum of artistic talent, then Porsche has an interesting challenge for you: The company is now accepting submissions of 3D-printed, colored, and customized models of the Cayman S. All you need to do is head to the Porsche website, download the 3D printing data, and go to town.  Read more here

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Lots of lucky teenagers get a new car in the summertime, either because they’ve graduated from high school or because they’re heading off to college in the fall. If you’re a parent and you’re thinking of getting your kid a new car this summer, this list of the 5 best cars for teen drivers is an essential read. Before you take a look at our recommendations, though, it’s important to understand how we determined the finalists. Click here to read more…
Click here to forward this e-mail to a friend :)1954 Mercedes-Benz W196Sold for: $29.7 million

Sold by: Bonham’s

When and where: July, 2013 in Chichester, U.K.

This Mercedes-Benz race car sold at an auction in England last Summer for the highest price ever paid for any car at a public auction. It was part of a group of racecars that won 9 World Championship-qualifying Grand Prix races in 1954 and ’55. Driven by the legendary Argentinian-born driver Juan Manuel Fangio, this car, in particular, won two of those races.

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