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February 2014
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When you face a nasty winter storm, use your best judgment. Don’t go out unless you have to, and always make sure you have an emergency kit, warm blankets, and rations in the car. Now, here are some tips, basic and advanced, to help ensure you won’t need to use that emergency kit.

Click here for Road & Track’s TOP 10 WINTER SAFETY TIPS

Shelby American Offers New 50th Anniversary Cobra 289 FIA, sans 289, for $94,995–$159,995

Because the world could never have enough Shelby Cobras—authentic ones, anyway—Shelby American Inc. has announced its intention to build 50 limited-edition CSX7000 Cobras to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first Ford-powered 289 FIA Cobras. Read more here….



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