August 2014 Elite Auto Newsletter


August 2014

Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Rips You Into a Dystopian Automotive Nightmare 
The team behind the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road movie sure have an acute sense of timing, having released the ultrableak full trailer just before a Monday. As you slide more deeply into the work week, let us present the dystopian, depressing, hopeless postapocalyptic future, as imagined through the lens of director George Miller. Previously, we brought you a glimpse of what cars to expect in the movie—now see some of those rides in action. Lots of action. Explosion-filled, Michael Bay–esque levels of action. Read more here
This Father is Fed up about Child Safety
Dad films himself in sweltering car to protest recent child deaths
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Chattering cars
IT IS odd how Americans and Europeans, sharing so broad a cultural denominator, still hold divergent views on such numerators as how much freedom to surrender in the name of safety or law and order. A case in point: a proposal, revealed a couple of weeks ago by a European Union study group, to have wireless-activated devices fitted to all new cars sold in the Union to allow the police to stop a speeding vehicle remotely.. Click here to read more…
 Photography by Gooding & Company
Three-Seat, One-Off 1966 Ferrari 365P Heads to Auction, Should Command Many Millions
Picture yourself in 1960s Manhattan driving your new, one-off Ferrari, which is the brand’s first and only roadgoing car with a mid-engine V-12. Next, dismiss the race-winning engineering, ignore the custom coachwork by Sergio Pininfarina, and complain. It’s too hard to parallel park. And where’s the damn air conditioning?  Click here to read more….



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