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April 2014

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General Motors admits it screwed up by not fixing defective ignition switches in the Cobalt and five other car models as soon as it became aware of the problem. The company has now recalled 1.6 million cars worldwide to replace those faulty switches which can suddenly shut off the engine while the car is being driven and disable the airbags in a crash.

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Now, the only problem will be finding a way to get a car up 86 stories. Ford engineers are planning to take it up the elevator — piece by piece.

They did it before — in 1965, dividing the car into three pieces plus the windshield. But the 2015 Mustang is nearly seven inches longer and four inches wider than the original pony car. As a result, a lot more planning is going into pulling off the feat. The move has to be done in six hours.

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Apple’s newly announced CarPlay, which is the rebranded version of iOS in the Car, a system for converting your vehicle’s in-car entertainment system into an iOS-powered dashboard fed content and brains by your phone, is a play that could massively expand the Apple mobile ecosystem – by turning cars into app-enabled iPhone accessories.

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With over 2,000 pre-orders of its initial production run of 3,000 the 2016 BENTLY FLACON is already estimated to sell over capacity by 50% and plans to boost capacity to 15,000 vehicles by 2018.

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Core Facts:

Pre-Orders: 2,000

Top Speed: 200 MPH Goal

Cost:  $150,000 EST.

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